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  Overview & Structure

The Metaphor of Journey

This class uses the metaphor of Journey, where "deeper" means deeper into the journey, deeper into the woods and deserts and oceans of our intellectual and emotional lives as expressed in our journals. The course is designed to be gone through sequentially. For this reason, I've split the curriculum into 6 "units," including this introductory session.

Each unit has 7 daily lessons, except for the last unit which comprises the final two days, and each unit will be made available as you arrive at that week.

Note: It's important not to rush through the material and exercises. People start and end at different times, so there is no need to "catch up" with others in the class. You will most likely find that others going through the lessons at approximately the same time you are. So, please, just take one day at a time.

Daily lesson structure

Each day has several sections:

  • Food for thought (usually a quote, but can be a video or image)
  • Writing prompt(s) — here is where I offer a writing prompt or two for that day, along with specific techniques for deepening reflection.
  • Activity — Simple activities to enhance the theme of that day's lesson
  • Discussion — Each lesson includes a discussion area where you can share your thought and reactions to the daily writing and activities, as well as excerpts of your writing. Sharing is always optional.

Weekly Topics

  • Week 1 (days 1-7) is about setting your intention, preparing for, and taking the first steps of your journey. Where do you want to go, and what tools and supplies will you need to get there? What is it like to begin a new journey like this and how do you get organized? We discuss these questions and much more during the first 7 days.
  • Week 2 (days 8-14) is about walking boldly into the unknown and undefined places in our lives. It's about moving toward the "muddy middle" of this learning experience and of exploring darkness and light with an attitude of curiosity and discovery.
  • During the 3rd week (days 15-21), we'll be moving through the thick of our journey. How do we make meaning of the thoughts and emotions and connections that arise?
  • In Week 4 (days 22-28) we'll explore techniques to make effective use of your journals. How do you take what you've written and use it for personal development, focus, and developing other areas of your life?
  • In the final unit (days 29-30) we'll look back over the previous 28 days. We'll look for themes, metaphors, and recurring images in our writing. And we'll wrap up with a plan for the future.


You can join existing discussions or create discussions of your own using the Discussion/Comments areas available throughout the course.


Please feel free to ask any general questions about the course in the comments section below.